Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fredericksburg Show this Weekend!

Pat will be setting up to do the Fredericksburg show this weekend. She'll be back with pictures of the Hill Country and of the show, etc! Here are some more jewelry pics.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cat Jewelry!

Hi...and thanks for stopping by to see my handmade cat jewelry!

My name is Amy Michelle. My mother and I have rescued cats for over 20 years. A cat's chances for adoption in a shelter are less than 1%. Why? I don't know. Through my self-taught artist talents here with the clay I hope to bring awareness to cats and their needs... and also to help pay for the costs of my own cats through your purchases.

I will be doing a monthly show in Fredericksburg, Texas featuring my handpainted stemware and cat jewelry. I'll be posting my show location as soon as I find out. Looking forward to being there! Check out show details here: http://www.fbgtradedays.com/.

I accept payments via Paypal, check or money order for any purchase you would like to make from this blog.

Please email me directly at: voice4theanimal@yahoo.com if you see something you'd like to purchase. I will get back with you same day. Thank you! Amy Michelle